Cubing today is quite popular, especially with the advent of speed cubes. Therefore, we bring you to the ultimate buying guide. This guide will enable you to choose the best cubes and, at the same time, understand what makes a cube the best.


Rubik’s Cube | 5×5

Like no other cube before, the 5 x 5 is a must-have for the true Rubik’s aficionado. The 5 x 5 is the most complex of all Rubik’s Cube levels. It’s predecessors bow down to the challenge this one introduces to the user. What’s more? Find out at

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

Fidget like a boss. Playable with one hand. Prime fidgeting toy for little children, teens and adults. Perfect for girls, boys, women and men. Pocket-size so you can bring it to school or to the office. With its discrete and ergonomic style, it’s cool to play with and do a lot of tricks. The rivets are covered for a classier and professional look. What’s more? Find out at

GoCube The Connected Electronic Bluetooth Rubik’s Cube

GoCube is an award-winning smart app-enabled Rubik’s cube that connects to your phone/tablet and tracks your moves in real time. Finally, everyone CAN do the cube! Learn together how to solve it in a fun and interactive way, play games and battle online with other cubers around the world. What’s more? Find out at

CuberSpeed QiYi Warrior W 3×3 Stickerless Speed Cube

The QiYi Warrior W 3×3 is the new and improved version of the QiYi Warrior 3×3. Whole new vivid color work more effectively and more easier to recognize. Make a special artwork on the cube surface – Frosted Surface Cube. Feels more texture and avoid the scratches after the long-time using. What’s more? Find out at

Dreampark 3x3x3 Speed Cube

Dreampark 3×3 carbon fiber sticker speed cube, to increase the intelligence of the kids, to release the working pressure of the adults, to help prevent a decline in memory of the elderly. Suitable for beginner and professional player. Enjoy hours of fun with you family and friends. What’s more? Find out at

Vivi Do Speed Cube, Super Smooth Windmill Magic Cube Puzzle

Twisting action to solve the puzzle Billions of combinations, one solution Speed Cube game challenges you to figure out how to get all the colors matched up on all 6 sides Many combinations, one solution. What’s more? Find out at

Speed Cube Set, Libay Cube Bundle

Libay Speed Cube set will offer adults and kids alike all the excitement and thrill of breath-taking cube puzzle game. Made of non-toxic ABS material and long lasting stickers, it is suitable for young kids’ cognitive development, speed cubing beginners and puzzle enthusiasts of 3 years and up. This cube bundle is suitable for beginner and professional player. Add your cart now! What’s more? Find out at

Dayan Cube Puzzle

7x7x7 cube. Black Body. Weight:0.36kg, ABS + PVC Sticker. Perfectly squared shape, good choice for both beginners and professionals. The absolute challenge for the mind and the best-selling puzzle in the world! This cube Ford escort young and old alike. What’s more? Find out at

CuberSpeed Twist 3×3 stickerelss Speed Cube

The Twist Cube is a 3×3 shape mod that appears as if the yellow layer has been forcibly twisted 90 degrees relative to the white layer, distorting the other layers in the process. It features a vibrant stickerless bright color scheme. What’s more? Find out at

JoyTown Speed Cube Set of 4

Speed cube are always awesome for both kids and adults. They are not expensive but great benefit for intelligent and hand-on skill. With our set of 4 speed cube, you fix them one by one, and enjoy the whole process. What’s more, you can challenge yourself, your family or your friends to fix them faster and faster with lots of funs. What’s more? Find out at

Dreampark Speed Cube Set of 12

This speed cube set contains 12 pcs cubes (Pyramid Cube, 2×2, 3×3, Megaminx Cube, Magic Rainbow Ball, Smooth Sticker Cubes and more). Multiple styles for beginner, intermediate and professional players to solve in stages. Great Christmas/Birthday/Children’s Day Gift, never get out of fashion. What’s more? Find out at What’s more? Find out at

Ganowo 3PCS Large Size Fidget Snake Cube

The puzzle favors that you can turn it into a straight line, snake, dog or other imaginative shape by rotating the triangle blocks, bring challenges and fun to your fingers and brain.
Stocking stuffer for kids, mini magic cubes are full of fun for kids intelligence development, funny present for kids party bag fillers. What’s more? Find out at

Small Fish Speed Cube Blocks

Combining two classic toys; the cube and blocks to create a fun new toy that can be played in different ways. It can be played as a regular puzzle that teases the brain and as blocks to build and arrange. What’s more? Find out at

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