There’s a reason that a family game of touch or tackle football is a Thanksgiving Day tradition. While the real thing requires a lot of equipment ranging from helmets to jerseys to shoulder pads, the only thing you need for a casual game is a soft-enough ground and, most importantly, a football. We have listed some of the best football’s to play with.


Best Football’s: Wilson Composite Football

Used at the youngest organized competitive level of the game, ideal for ages 6-9. Double white grip stripes offer extra finger-point grips when throwing to create a seamless spiral. What’s more? Find out at

Franklin Sports Grip-Rite 100 Rubber Junior Football

Super tacky rubber molded construction. Pro style Raised rubber laces. Waterproof rubber cover is suitable for all Condition play. What’s more? Find out at

NFL Downfield Youth Football

The Rawlings NFL Youth Size Downfield Football is a must have for any hardcore NFL fan. This football features Rawlings’ patented HD GRIP, which means it has 5X more pebbles than traditional rubber footballs for enhanced gripping. What’s more? Find out at

NFL Gridiron Junior-Size Youth Football

The Rawlings NFL Gridiron Junior Size Football is the perfect all around football for any NFL fan. Small enough to fit in a youth hand, but large enough to satisfy an adult arm, It is the perfect size for any tailgate, backyard football game or toss on the beach. What’s more? Find out at

Rawlings NFL Signature Series Full Football

The Rawlings Official NFL Signature Series full-size football is widely known as the top collectable football for obtaining autographs. It is officially licensed by the NFL and features an embroidered team logo and team name as well as embossed, team history containing each teams founding year and championship history. What’s more? Find out at

Wilson NFL MVP Junior Football with Pump and Tee

Designed for recreational play, the Wilson youth-size football with pump, inflation needle, and universal tee gets you ready to kick off the football season. This youth-size NFL MVP composite leather ball offers all-weather durability and long-lasting play. What’s more? Find out at

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