Whether you’re a gear-head who compulsively purchases the latest designs, or just need to replace your trusty old ball after many seasons of play, there are certainly a lot of soccer balls on the market. Lucky for you, the experts at The Instep have inside info on the latest ball designs from every top manufacturer. Practice your skills and make the all-state team, or simply enjoy a pickup game at your local park. With a great ball, any spare minute can be practice time.


Bend-It Flicker Match Soccer Balls

Ever wondered why the top players place a ball down so deliberately before taking a free kick? Because they are looking for a target area on the ball, the valve, to aim at. The secret weapon to gain maximum rebound is to strike the valve, a ball’s optimum sweet-spot and the hardest part of the ball. In over 200 years of soccer ball history Millenti is the first brand to copyright their patent pending VPM (Valve Position Marker) technology. To maximize kicking power when taking free kicks, penalties or corners, kick the valve—the hardest part of the ball. What’s more? Find more at kidukan.com.

American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball

This is a great youth ball. 3.25mm TPU material, 2 layers of poly/cotton lining, machine stitched, hybrid SR bladder. This ball was designed for grass fields. The Brasilia ball is an entry level ball meant for youth players. What’s more? Find more at kidukan.com.

Franklin Sports Blackhawk Soccer Ball

Glossy Technical Two-Tone Black Cover With Distinctive Blackhawk Design. Dynamic Optic Graphics Contrast With Base To Enhance Focus And Shot Targeting. 32 Panel Precision Stitched Construction Ensures Aerodynamic And Control. Foam Cushioning System Provides A Soft Cover That Is Quick And Responsive. What’s more? Find more at kidukan.com.

NIGHTMATCH Light Up LED Soccer Ball

Enjoy the precious moments of a round of soccer with family and friends. This glow soccer ball guarantees a lot of fun, joy and funny moments in the dark! Two impact activated LEDs are built into our NIGHTMATCH glow in the dark ball. They ensure maximum visibility in the dark and are still clearly visible from a long distance! What’s more? Find more at kidukan.com.

PP PICADOR Kids Soccer Ball

Are you still worried about your child’s addiction to mobile phones or computers? A beautiful sequined soccer ball is enough to attract your kid’s sports. It is very suitable for little friends to play together on the grass, at home and in the backyard. What’s more? Find more at kidukan.com.

Select Brillant Super Soccer Ball

The soccer ball is hand stitched and manufactured using high quality materials from the inside to the outside. The Zero-Wing latex bladder by SELECT ensures that the ball is constantly balanced when traveling through the air and a Double-Lock valve keeps the ball suitably airtight. What’s more? Find more at kidukan.com.

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